Easy Plan Pro

Easy Plan Pro 1.1

A program for CAD designers to draw quality designs

Easy Plan Pro is a utility program that allows CAD programmers and designers to draw good quality designs easily. This program features an integrated online help option that can download and install program updates.

With Easy Plan Pro, users can draw rectangles, arcs, lines, circles, etc. in design projects. The program also features many other useful options such as automatic dimension lines, automatic door window insertion, automatic framing (studs, joists), patterns and solid colors, adjustable wall thicknesses fill, clip and save sections, calculation of square feet and meters, dozens of fill patterns, deleting of drawing objects, measurement of cursor movement, hundreds of resizable as well as rotatable figures, last action view, etc.

Easy Plan Pro also includes an integrated fax driver that can fax the plans anywhere. In short, Easy Plan Pro is a complete guide program for CAD programmers and designers to help them design complex plans in an easy way.